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Ian Duncan, MD

  • I had two total anterior hip transplants. We are so fortunate to have such a talented caring surgeon in our community. I am finally out of pain after finishing therapy.
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  • My shoulder was a mess and Dr. Duncan repaired it leaving me with little to no pain. My recovery had gone very well.
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  • I've had knee pains all my life and have gone to many specialists. Duncan was the first one who knew what he was talking about. My problem couldn't be fixed by him but he was able to identify it and refer me to a specific doctor. Really kind and knowledgeable.
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  • The surgeon is awesome but his receptionist that deals with paperwork is not at all worried with communication nor completing a simple task.
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  • I had seen countless doctors over a 15 year span, none besides Dr. Duncan could pinpoint the cause of my discomfort. He’s so thorough and explained everything along the way. He ultimately performed surgery, after all else failed, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Worth the one hour drive I was making from Fresno.
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  • Best orthopedic doctor
    I had seen countless doctors over a 15 year span, none besides Dr. Duncan could pinpoint the cause of my discomfort. He’s so thorough and explained everything along the way. He ultimately performed surgery, after all else failed, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Worth the one hour drive I was making from Fresno.
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  • Very kind, detailed oriented, great staff.
    Very Professional group, my surgery and recovery went well, and as Dr mentioned physical therapy after surgery will determine the success of the procedure. I followed his instructions the best I could and my outcomes were better than I expected. I’m grateful for his skills and my outcome.
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  • Great office staff. The team of Michael and Dr Duncan meet my needs professionally. Thank you
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  • Dr. Duncan repaired the tendons in my shoulder from an injury. He is a fantastic surgeon. I am very pleased that I have regained the full range of motion in my shoulder. I highly recommend him.
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  • Dr, Duncan did a knee replacement on my knee May 30 and he did a great job. I have not had any trouble with it so far. and he has a great personality. and lets you know everything that is going on and what he is goingtot do and what you need to know and do after the surgery. His P. A. Is not bad either..
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Seth Criner, DO, MS

  • I tore my meniscus and was pretty miserable for months. I had surgery with Dr. Criner and was pretty much pain free within a week. 7 months later I have absolutely no pain at all and it feels like I was never injured. Impressive! Much appreciated.
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  • My husband broke his elbow and Dr. Criner did a wonderful surgical job on him. Dr. Criner is not arrogant and we felt comfortable asking him questions and we did not feel hurried. I would recommend him to anyone.
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  • Doctor Criner was reccomended by others including my wife. He replaced my right knee and I'm doing well thanks to Doctor Criner. He explains everything to you so you'll know what to expect. He's very professional. I highly recommended him.
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  • This doctor is awesome great bedside manner he cares about his patients !!
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  • Very professional and caring.
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  • I tore my meniscus and was pretty miserable for months. I had surgery with Dr. Criner and was pretty much pain free within a week. 7 months later I have absolutely no pain at all and it feels like I was never injured. Impressive! Much appreciated.
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  • Very good Dr. Criner answer all my question, And nurse Jules was very helpful
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  • I had a knee replacement in February it's now December I'm still not completely healthy but Dr Criner is very concerned but I do believe he is going to help and I would still see him in future if I need work done on my other knee I would definitely have Dr Criner do it and yes I like the way he is concerned with my needs THANKS DR CRINER
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  • Six months ago, I was lucky enough to survive a "head on" collision. I sustained nearly 20 broken bones including internal injuries. The first time I met Dr. Criner after my initial surgeries following the accident, he made me feel at ease which was not an easy feeling following a Life Flight to the hospital. He took the time to describe in detail my injuries and a plan of action. "Dr. Criner is the reason I am writing this review today and would recommend him to anyone." Thank you Dr. Criner.
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  • Dr. Criner showed concern and interest in my case. I felt like I was being included in my care and not just "another case". I appreciate that he took time to answer my questions and explain everything in depth. Dr. Criner was very knowledgeable in my type of fracture and reassured my concerns.
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Kazi Rahman, DPM

  • Saw Dr. for an inflamed bursa on right foot. Simple injection and all good. He is great.
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Bruce Le, DO, MS

  • Dr. Le performed my shoulder surgery and has been wonderful. Dr. Le is very knowledgeable and I always felt supported and taken care of. I’ve had some bumps in the road during my recovery and I feel he has always listened to my concerns and taken the appropriate actions. His MA/Nurse Gabby is also amazing! She always returns my calls and is so helpful and sweet.
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  • Dr Le did the 3rd arthroplasty surgery that I have had. I have heard horror stories about surgeries that went bad. My experience with Dr Le was fantastic. I had researched the condition I had and knew what the typical solution was before my appointment. He answered all the questions I had and was very attentive to things I was unaware of. No question about it, I will need more surgery and intend to go back to Dr Le.
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  • I've been athletic all of my life. I'm 64. I practiced every afternoon on my middle school, high school, and Junior College athletic teams. Varsity sports, Tackle football, basketball, baseball, and golf., kids, work, career.

    An unfortunate car accident in the 1970's resulting in broken bones and numerous surgeries in an age when there were no MRI's or arthroscopic scoping as of yet. All surgeries were OPEN and went on for hours. Early trial and error. I saw and was operated on by some the best surgeons in Southern California. 6 OPEN surgeries later, I was able to enjoy 10 years of competitive golf, and won a few city, county, and club championships. Tennis called. Another 10 years of top level competition as a recreational player. After winning numerous community and top amateur titles, Bodybuilding called. 10 more years of commitment and prepping for competition through my 40's and into my 50's.

    I have 4 children and 14 grandkids. All competitive or athletic in some way. Go figure. My 13 year old grandson has been into team Basketball. My 35 year old son plays on rec mens teams and leagues, so I began playing pick up basketball games with them both. At times 3 generations of Frank playing on the same team... priceless!!

    It all came to a halt as my left knee began to wear out. I saw 2 new surgeons who immediately recommend a full replacement with no questions or other options. I could no longer play any sports, let alone walk or remain active. I chose to see Dr. Le after lengthy research and opinions very much expected to focus on replacement. Dr Le was very interested in my personal past. He asked, and patiently listened to every word with interest. He didn't smile much or focus on small talk. He was all in! I think this man is naturally quiet and holds emotions in, however highly concerned and when the end consult ended...he had us both smiling and relaxed.

    Dr. Le went on to tell me that I was too active and too athletic to go through a full replacement. He recommended an extensive arthroscopy and the procedure results were AWESOME. Back on the basketball courts with Son and Grandsons. Hitting golf balls daily...and extensive shopping with my lovely wife.

    Dr.Le and his associate, Dr. Salizar worked wonders for this old guy!
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  • Dr Le is highly professional. He is thorough, he provided clear explanations regarding my condition, and answered all concerns I had. His staff is equally friendly and proficient. Melinda called me at home prior to my surgery to review the process I would be undergoing, and called again the day after the surgery to check on my condition. I highly recommend Dr. Le. He visited with me and my wife immediately before the surgery while I was preparing, to go over the expectations. He met with my wife immediately afterwards to inform her that I was out of surgery and to give her further instructions . I’m highly satisfied and felt very secure throughout this process.
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  • Dr. Bruce Le did my shoulder surgery. It was less painful than I thought it would be. He did such a wonderful job on it. I am so happy I went to him. I heard he was the best and he definitely is the best. I would recommend Dr. Bruce Le to anyone.
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  • Dr Le has done 2 shoulder surgeries for me. One total replacement and the results are amazing. Thanks Dr Le
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  • Dr Le is knowledgeable, meticulous, great at figuring out the diagnoses. He performed surgery on me for a torn gluteus medius tendon, among other repairs. Great result. I would highly recommend him!
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  • "He’s fantastic a wonderful person and excellent work on my husband shoulder "
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  • "Dr. LE is one of the best doctors I have seen. He is very knowledgeable, and has an awesome bedside manner. He shows great willingness to come up with a treatment plan to gain the best outcome for you. His nurse was one of the kindest, most professional that I have had the pleasure meeting. "
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  • Dr .Bruce Le has done a good job on my surgeries . I would recommend him he’s a great surgeon.
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Mathias Daniels, MD

  • The best experience! Dr Daniels is an excellent surgeon and has a great staff. Allison is very friendly, helpful, caring and always responded to emails & messages. Great Experience ~
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  • I had a 2 level lumbar fusion and decompression with dr Daniels. He is an amazing surgeon. I went from barely being able to grocery shop, to walking 5 miles a day. He is very knowledgeable and answers any questions you might have. Great personality and always made me feel comfortable and helped ease my mind about the surgery. Highly recommend him, one of the best surgeons to have.
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  • Working with Dr Daniel and his team has been a streamlined and positive experience. I know when I send my patients to him they will receive excellent care and leave feeling comfortable and knowledgeable about their plan of care. Thank you Dr Daniel.
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  • Dr. Daniels has a great bedside manner. He explains the procedures clearly and gives realistic expectations. He is a great surgeon to work with in town, I highly recommend him.
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  • Thank you for taking care of me throughout the whole process and listening to my concerns. Thank you, Dr. Daniels. My family and I appreciate you caring for me and removing the pain in my legs.
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  • Dr. Daniels is a very good Doctor. He explained to me what needs to be done for my back. I am very confident that I will recover from my Injury.
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  • He and his office have done an excellent job in providing a high quality of care to all of our patients.
  • As a referring provider my patients are very satisfied with his care bedside manner and surgical outcomes!
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  • Caring, knowledgeable, gifted surgeon. We are lucky to have him in our area.
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  • This valley is extremely lucky to have such a phenomenal, knowledgeable, experienced, spine surgeon…beyond this he is very kind and listens well…..
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