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Orthopaedic Urgent Care Services

We are delighted to offer orthopaedic urgent care service center. Whether you have a fracture, a sprain, or any other bone or joint problem, our orthopaedic specialists are ready to help you get back on your feet.

Injuries and Conditions Treated At

Bone & Joint Urgent Care Orthopaedic Associates

Wondering what types of injuries and conditions orthopaedic urgent care treat.

FracturesFractures are breaks or cracks in the bones that can cause pain, swelling, bruising, deformity, and loss of function.

Ligament TearsLigament tears are injuries to the ligaments that connect the bones in a joint. They can cause pain, swelling, instability, and reduced range of motion.

Meniscal Tears Meniscal tears are injuries to the meniscus, which is a piece of cartilage that cushions and stabilizes the knee joint.

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Sports Injuries Sports injuries are injuries that occur during physical activity or exercise.

Workplace Injuries Workplace injuries are injuries that occur at work or while performing work-related tasks.

Auto Accident Injuries Auto accident injuries are injuries that occur as a result of a car crash or collision.

Wound Care Wound care involves cleaning, dressing, and protecting the wound from further damage or contamination.

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Benefits of Orthopaedic Urgent Care?

Every day countless people suffer unexpected orthopaedic injuries. These injuries could range from simple aches and sprains to more complex fractures.

  • Specialized Care The main benefit of the orthopaedic urgent care is you receive expert care from board certified or fellowship trained specialists.
  • No long waiting If you decide to go to an emergency room to get your treatment, you may spend quite a while in the waiting room before you are seen by the doctor.
  • Affordable The emergency room must be kept in a state of readiness whether the patient is coming in for a muscle sprain or for a stroke.
  • Convenience The Orthopaedic urgent care offers you the option of availing comprehensive orthopedic care services all in one place.

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